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Better for the trees, better for the planet, better for your conscience.

Real, and alive Christmas trees that can live on beyond the festive season!

Did you know?

  • Around 8 million cut Christmas trees are used and then discarded in the UK each year.

  • Discarded Christmas trees generate around 12,000 tonnes of rubbish.

  • A Christmas tree takes up to seven years to grow, ready to be cut and used for a single Christmas.

  • Over seven years of growing, around 4,000 litres of water are needed for each tree.

  • A cut tree has a carbon footprint of up to 16kg CO2e. Our trees carry on absorbing CO2.

  • 12.5 metres of plastic netting is wrapped around a 5 ft cut tree. Our netting will always be biodegradable.

Get the joy of a real Christmas tree, with none of the waste

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy a real Christmas tree in your home this December, without having to destroy it afterwards?

Eco Elf has the answer!

We’ll deliver a beautiful fresh smelling pot grown live Christmas tree ready for the festive season that will last longer than a cut tree, that you can keep or we will collect it so it can live on for another Christmas and beyond!

What we offer

Sustainable pot grown, live Christmas trees

Browse our Christmas trees and pick out a stunning, fresh smelling tree with a size perfect for your home. After the festive season, you can either keep your tree and look after it, or we will collect it and rehome it until next year.

Decorate your tree

Decororating your tree is a great way of making it part of the family and personalising it for you. Now you can accessorize with our range of sustainably sourced and produced tree ornaments and lights.

Eco Elf’s journal

Follow Eco Elf on his journey to a greener Christmas, and learn more about our current green initiatives, news and updates.

Newburgh Christmas Trees 08

Carefully chosen partners

A big part of making Eco Elf a success is how we source our Christmas trees, and we’ve spent a long time finding great quality trees which are as well-loved during their development as they will be on display in your homes. When we first met Wilf and the team at Newburgh Christmas Trees, a…

8 Beckenham Place Park planting day, 2 Dec 2018. Photo by Luca Radek

Trees for Cities

When we first launched Eco Elf we knew our customers would love the idea of enjoying the festive delight of a real Christmas tree without the guilt of destroying it afterwards, but we wanted to offer something more. We have developed an annual membership option that enables people to cover the cost of their Eco…


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