Delivering your tree

Once you have ordered your tree you can rest assured that your chosen tree is reserved and will be with you soon.

It is important to us that our trees are cared for during delivery, and that our customers receive the service they deserve. For this reason, we will be making all deliveries ourselves and only to local counties. This helps us reduce the carbon of our operations and to guarantee you a good service. Below are the postcodes that we are able to deliver to.

Delivery dates:

SO - Friday 1st and Saturday 16th December.

PO - Sunday 3rd and Sunday 17th December.

BH - Saturday 9th and Friday 15th December.

SP - Saturday 9th December.

BN - Sunday 3rd and Sunday 17th December.

RG - Sunday 10th December.

GU - Sunday 10th December.


Deliveries will be made at any time between 7:00 and 22:00 on the delivery date. It will be left at the delivery address and you don't have to be in to receive it.

If you don't want to keep your living tree, we can collect trees that are living and in good condition soon after Christmas in January. If you would like us to collect your tree and rehome it, don't forget to add collection to your cart or get in touch at [email protected].

SP1 DT1 BH1 SO14 RG21 GU26 PO1 BN1
SP10 DT3 BH10 SO15 RG22 GU27 PO10 BN10
SP11 DT4 BH11 SO16 RG23 GU28 PO12 BN11
SP2 DT5 BH12 SO17 RG24 GU29 PO13 BN12
SP5 DT10 BH13 SO18 RG25 GU30 PO14 BN13
SP6 DT11 BH14 SO19 RG26 GU31 PO15 BN14
SP4 BH15 SO20 RG27 GU32 PO16 BN15
SP7 BH16 SO21 RG28 GU33 PO17 BN16
SP9 BH17 SO22 RG29 GU34 PO18 BN17
SP3 BH18 SO23 GU35 PO19 BN18
SP8 BH19 SO24 PO2 BN2
BH2 SO30 PO20 BN3
BH20 SO31 PO21 BN41
BH21 SO32 PO22 BN42
BH22 SO40 PO3 BN43
BH23 SO41 PO4 BN44
BH24 SO42 PO5 BN45
BH25 SO43 PO6 BN5
BH3 SO45 PO7 BN50
BH31 SO50 PO8 BN51
BH4 SO51 PO9 BN52
BH5 SO52 PO11 BN6
BH6 SO53 BN7
BH7 BN88
BH9 BN99