Making Christmas Greener

We are a team of people who absolutely love Christmas and all that comes with it

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t? Family and friends, delicious dinners, excited children, and the beauty of a real tree in the corner, full of shining decorations and twinkly lights.

When we sat down to think about it, we found that misty-eyed glow of the festive season is dulled by the knowledge of all we throw away afterwards, starting with the tree. Though many councils offer chipping services, there’s a sadness to seeing all those pre-loved trees that spent years growing to their full potential only for a few weeks of display. We knew there was a better way!

We have developed a unique service that ensures you get all the joy of a real Christmas tree, with none of the waste

Our aim is to provide a service that still brings that magical joy we all associate with the festive season in a way that's much kinder to the plant. We work with experiences Christmas tree growers to provide a high-quality living tree direct to your door, and we pop back to collect it later.

Super convenient, you’ll agree, but our mission doesn’t stop there!

We then reacclimatise our trees to the outdoors and return them to the ground where they can live the rest of the year in nature, preparing to look their healthy best ready for the next Christmas.

As you can see, we’re incredibly passionate about giving Christmas trees life beyond the festive season, and we can’t wait to work with families across the South to make real, reusable trees a reality in 2021.

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