Christmas trees

This is where the fun begins...

We work with specialist farmers who grow the type of tree we need to live year after year.  We acclimatise the trees before delivering them ourselves direct to your home.

This where the fun begins – select your favourite style of tree and it won’t be long until we deliver your very own pot grown Christmas tree!

You can choose from various available sizes from small to tall but remember, the smaller the tree, the more Christmas' it will see.

When you have chosen your tree, we will be in touch by 24th November to arrange delivery.

You can see our delivery areas and date options on the Delivery Page.

If you would like us to collect your tree, you will need to add this service to your shopping cart when you checkout, or get in touch with us at


We have anew product for 2023 as a sustainable alternative to plastic artificial trees. Check out Eco Christmas Trees below made from sustainably sourced hazel from Norfolk.

Product Categories

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Don’t want to keep your tree? We can collect it in January and rehome it for the year.


6ft (1)

Eco Christmas Tree

These sustainable wooden Christmas trees are made from responsibly-sourced hazel from woodland in Norfolk. The wood is being coppiced on rotation as part of traditional woodland management, so no trees are harmed in the making of your Christmas tree!


Norway PG

Norway Spruce

The traditional Christmas tree, an excellent shape and a classic Christmas scent. Branches are evenly distributed and the leaves are generally darker green than the Nordmann Fir.


Serbian Spruce

Serbian Spruce

A beautiful Christmas tree with dark foliage, which is grey beneath, results in almost a pale blue appearance. Particularly appealing as a pot grown tree. It has a natural cone shape and thick layers of branches resulting in a lovely aesthetic.


Nordmann PG2

Nordmann Fir

The needles usually a lighter green colour and longer giving bushy branches. These aren’t typically cone shape trees so if this is important to you, you may want to look at Norway Spruce or Serbian Spruce.